About Us

Adventure to Fitness is the nation's #1 educational fitness program for kids. Animated and live action episodes get them exercising, learning, and laughing! Featuring the adventures of Mr. Marc, Mr. Clock and Professor Maddison, each episode challenges the audience to move and learn while foiling Mr. Lazy's latest dastardly plan as he seeks to rid the world of healthy kids. The program was developed with input from leading educational, medical, and parenting experts. Used and trusted by over 130,000 teachers!

Our Mission: Inspiring kids to lead healthy lifestyles through imagination, education, and movement.

Meet the Team

Michael Rhattigan, CEO

Michael’s career spans the technology, financial, media and education sectors across four continents. Prior to Adventure to Fitness, Michael ran Rhattigan Broadcasting, a broadcasting business that he founded in 2004. Michael has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree from MIT. He has two sons and is a staunch proponent of children’s health and education. Michael also writes a bi-weekly column for Scholastic Parent & Child. 

Elisa Reyes-Hinojosa, Vice President of School Relations

Elisa graduated from Texas A&M and taught alternative education classes for many years. Growing up between Utah and Texas and bilingual at an early age, Elisa brings a wide range of experiences to Adventure to Fitness. Elisa’s two children plus husband’s career in teaching and athletics are the perfect compliments to her own educational experiences, providing considerable insight into classroom settings and children’s need for creative educational tools and regular physical activity. 

Deni Conkell, Director of Marketing & Customer Relations

Deni got her start at Adventure to Fitness soon after the company got its start. She’s been a crucial component of the team since the beginning: standing on the front line of our outreach and support efforts. Deni is dedicated to educating teachers and parents about the benefits of Adventure to Fitness resources, and to get kids moving in the fight against childhood obesity. Deni graduated with a BA in Management from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. Her education and experience helps execute a sizable task – to bring the Adventure to Fitness message across the country and, eventually, across the globe.

Marc Loyd, Creative Talent

Marc Loyd - As your friend and trusty adventure guide, his number one priority is to inspire lifelong wellness in kids, teachers, and parents across the country. The most important thing is to Keep It Moving! That's why he’s standing on the front lines of the battle against obesity, fighting the epidemic with a new tactic: fun, educational fitness. When it comes to the question of kids’ well being, the answer is simple: It’s time to get moving!In his role as the on-screen adventure guide for Adventure to Fitness, Mr. Marc is the face of health and fitness for every kid. Mr. Marc has been an entertainer his entire career. He was well known throughout the country prior to his role at Adventure to Fitness for his many roles as a radio and TV personality, including national and local television networks such as TNN, Nickelodeon, FOX Sports, HSN, and the Sunshine Network. Mr. Marc’s high-energy and passion come from his personal health and fitness; he is a competitive runner and triathlete as well as real-life adventurer. Whether he’s climbing the tallest mountains or diving to the depths of the ocean, Mr. Marc practices every aspect of health and fitness he covers in each of his on-screen adventures.