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Adventures at School

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Did you know that kids spend on average 4-5 hours per school day sitting? Then add 2-3 more hours of screen time and homework at home. That seems slightly counter-intuitive since children are movement-based, right? Kids need to move to develop both physically and cognitively. So we decided to do something about it...

It's simple: Adventure to Fitness combines learning with movement. This combination allows classroom teachers to easily stream our videos and integrate our Adventures right into their own daily curriculum requirements. Additionally, our program provides up to 30-minutes of MVPA (moderate-to-vigorous physical activity) in each Adventure that also can be used to meet weekly physical activity requirements.

Here are a few examples of use cases:

Indoor Recess

Indoor PE

Classroom Breaks


Stress Buster

Before/After School

Support Curriculum

Meet State Standards

Healthy Reward

Fitness Club

Combat Obesity


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