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Adventure to Fitness in the Classroom

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What is Adventure to Fitness?

Active Learning

Adventure to Fitness gets kids out of their seats and into the story, uniquely integrating health, movement, and learning into each adventure!

Our Reach

Used and trusted by over 25,000 elementary schools in the U.S.

Developed by Experts

The program is developed with experts in education, medicine, and child development.

Free Content
Full Length Adventures (30 minutes)
Short Adventures: (5-10 minutes)
Energizers (2-3 minute breaks)
Morning Announcements (3-7 minute seasonal videos to start the day with health & learning)
Adventure Training (4-7 minute)
Adventure Blasts (4-5 minute active HIIT-style, yoga, & other activity breaks)
Active Breaks
Aerobic Bursts
Active Math
Active Literacy
Active Nutrition